Meetings, meetings, meetings.

NOTE: Guy Davis is not MIA, he is in every meeting. Photos by Guy Davis. HVAC talk. (Looks like posing but Steve Southerland, right, is actually saying something!) Table and chairs posing. No kidding, here’s some info for you. If you’re wondering how general contractor Guy Davis of GMD Custom orchestrates the many maneuvers required to move a project this fast and this well, take a look at this notation! Landlord Doug Baker, left, on site for details in his domain. (JNS E.D. Erik Hanson loitering again.) Dennis from Beach Electric—great work! Jazz Night School Board of Directors President Dave Montoure, left, and E.D. Erik Hanson welcome City Arts Magazine’s Gemma Wilson. Steve Southerland investigating the HVAC thing-a-ma-widgey. (Grant Haugen of GMD Custom, not getting distracted.) Sometimes you have to sit down at the office and hammer out (good pun) the details. Steve Southerland, Erik Hanson, and Guy Davis (not pictured) getting caught up.